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The games & activities on this page are all for the Present Era of World History, but there are *MORE choices on the Present Era under American History Games*. Be sure to check those out, too!

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Follow the fashion and style of the 1800’s with this interactive game.

Tour a Victorian House from 1870 England!

Play the Battle of Waterloo game, and choose your side to make your own strategy decisions.

Explore the world of Napoleon by touring his famous portait painted by Jean-Louis David.

From Ellis Island to Orchard Street is an interactive game set in 1916. You play the role of a new immigrant to New York City on the Lower East Side. Experience tenement life from a whole new point of view!

These animated Civil War Battle Maps re-create battle sequences so you can see how it all unfolded. Learn how these battles really played out as you watch! Includes battles from the Road to War, the Eastern Theatre, and the Western Theatre.


America constructed the Panama Canal, opening it in August of 1914. Learn more with all the resources from PBS: a movie, bonus clips, and interactive map, photo gallery, timeline, and more!

Explore all things Titanic — the birth, the disaster, and the aftermath — in this interactive adventure by the History Channel.



Although technically not games, these virtual tours are too good to pass up! Visit trenches, dugouts, and other conditions of the soldiers in World War I without leaving your computer.

This game is for the older student! Use the Leadership Profile to find out Which Historical Military Leader You Are Most Like .

This site has several mini-movies on World War I. Themes include old WWI songs, old newsreels, aviation, and more.


The Birmingham Museum lets you explore a World War II bomb damage report online, as well as some other great activities to print out!

Watch a multimedia presentation and read survivors tales about Pearl Harbor at this National Geographic site.

During World War II, The Atlantic Ocean was a battlefield. Try to outwit the German U-Boats in this game from BBC.

Visit one of the escape tunnels created by Allied airmen imprisoned as Nazi POW’s during World War II. Be amazed at the ingenuity & resourcefulness of these men!

Look at pictures, read its history, and tour the U-505 submarine, currently on exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

What was it like for a child during World War II in Europe? Find out from this interactive site from BBC.

Live your own WWII Experience with realistic graphics as you venture into enemy territory.

On June 6, 1944, soldiers crossed the sea to land at Normandy and face the Nazis, resulting in a turning point in the war. Learn more of the D-Day story here with video, interactive maps & charts, and more, and enjoy their learning activities as well.

Learn with another D-Day interactive activity! Make the right decisions to complete the maze.

John Wayne starred in The Longest Day (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition)(1962), which is an hour-by-hour re-creation of the events of D-Day and acclaimed by some as one of the best war movies ever made. Although the scenes in this older movier are not extremely gory or explicit as compared to today, please check your favorite movie reviewer to see if this film is appropriate for your students’ ages.

The Holocaust was a horrific part of World War II. If you have read The Hiding Place you know the story of Corrie Ten Boom and her family. Though not Jews themselves, they were arrested and sent to concentration camps for helping the Jews, ultimately saving others’ in ‘the hiding place’ at the expense of their own safety. Only Corrie survived the camps. This virtual tour of the Ten Boom home and shop is long — a full 90 minutes if you watch all of it. A quicker method is to move from scene to scene by clicking the right-hand arrow so you can see the rooms without necessariy listening to all of the narration.

Another Holocaust themed activity is the virtual tour of Anne Frank’s hiding place. A small, secret annex to the Franke business offices housed 2 Jewish families and one additional man in hiding for months during the war, which was documented by Anne and later published as Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.

Auschwitz was a much bigger complex than many realize. Take a virtual tour of the World War II concentration camp with this interactive map from BBC.

This game is for the older student! Use the Leadership Profile to find out Which Historical Military Leader You Are Most Like .

Explore the USS Pampanito, a submarine that America built and used during World War II.

Watch from a large selection of mini-movies on WWII — “a well-documented war fought by the greatest generation.” The videos chronicle events in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

China — Play the China game, brought to you by the Asia Society.

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