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EUROPE (see more activities under yearly headings below)
Watch a movie and play a game to learn more about Anglo-Saxon coins, compliments of BBC.

Buckingham Palace Game

Hidden Mysteries – Buckingham Palace is a computer game that lets you explore the palace while learning fun royal facts.

See if you can survive the Middle Ages feudal system! Pick a character and make choices about your life!

BBC and Terry Jones offers an entire video series on YouTube on medieval life (the link takes you to Part 1), with separate segments on the peasant, the monk, the damsel, the minstrel, the knight, the philosopher, and the outlaw. Very well done, & quite entertaining, too! For the younger viewers, there may be references, although tactful, that you should be aware of…i.e., the Monk video includes references to them visiting a brothel, etc. Please use your own discretion.

Print out this set of Medieval Life Flashcards, and then use to play “Go Fish” or another card game!

Learn the story of St. George and the dragon by exploring artwork from the past.

Take a 360° tour of the Hagia Sophia.

How much do you know about cathedral achitecture? Play this game and find out!

Explore Weoley Castle, once a medieval manor, but now in ruins. Or explore Aston Hall or the Tudor manor home, Blakesley Hall.

Explore the medieval arms race at this NOVA site.

Watch (via slideshow) a trebuchet as it is built. Then you can build your own, and interactively destroy a castle at this NOVA site!

This site is loaded with ideas for games, crafts, and group activities to create an entire event with a Knights theme. Start at the games page, and follow the links at the bottom of the page for more ideas!

Design your own coat of arms on your computer! Here’s another resource for designing your coat of arms in an interactive game from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

800-1000 VIKINGS
This Smithsonian Viking site is thorough, with plenty of video clips to watch, artifacts to see, and lots of audio.

Play Viking Quest and experience the challenge of “the full Viking experience.”

Another great site, The Vikings, allows you to explore a village, longships, and runes, and includes a clickable map to see the breadth of their influence.

The National Museum of Scotland offers 3 different internet activities on the Vikings. Learn Viking skills at their training school game, unmask the famous “Lewis chessmen” in an interactive learning experience, or experience the museum’s Scottish history and archeology galleries.

Re-enact the Battle of Hastings with this internet BBC game.

These instructions are for a Battle of Hastings role-playing game for up to 30 children. Involve your entire class to re-create Norman history!

Create your own Bayeux Tapestry in an interactive game, or print out worksheets for your classroom to put the events in order. Another link gives an activity for students to evaluate William the Conqueror based on the Tapestry. Also find instructions to make a Norman ship and a Norman helmet!

Play 1066: The Game, brought to you by Britain’s Channel 4. You can play in Story Mode, or create a battle against the computer!

Although not interactive, this site on The Bayeux Tapestry is worth a visit! Includes the entire tapestry, section by section, with an explanation of each part.

Click on the interactive map to see how the Black Plague spread between 1347 and 1350.

I don’t often list a purely informational site here, but this is unique (& does have good pictures). Most don’t know that Eyam, England is called the plague village because it voluntarily isolated itself when the plague struck, brought by fleas imported in a tailor’s shipment of cloth. This real story seems to mirror the book A Parcel of Patterns. (actual date is 1666)

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