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The Reed Farmstead is an actual archeological site, and allows you to participate in a virtual archeological dig!

Explore the ancient city of Petra as an archeologist .

Take a virtual tour of several famous archeological sites! With this 3D technology, you can explore the sites without leaving your computer.

You are the archeologist at Jamestown , and can practice with the interactive artifact module or the buildings module. For Upper Elementary and older.

Visit this archeological dig based on Catalhoyuk and participate in the fun!

Try several games on archeology from the Museum of Natural History.

Dendrochronology is the art of finding the age of a tree by counting its rings & is a way to establish dates of origin. Learn & try it for yourself at this simulation!

The History Channel’s Lost Worlds is a computer game that lets you piece together some of the greatest ruins on earth and unlock some of the greatest mysteries of the world!

See the world’s best-preserved prehistoric cave drawings at the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc. This cave is only open to scientists, so the virtual tour is the way the general public can get a glimpse.

Another famous cave in France with prehistorical drawings is found in Lascaux. Take a virtual tour!

Learn about Dinosaurs with online games and puzzles for kids!

Help! The prehistoric mammoth is lost! Help him find his way across the ice to his herd in this game from the National Museums of Scotland.

Explore Assyria, Babylonia, and Sumer at this site by the British Museum.

The University of Chicago offers several fabulous activities on ancient Mesopotamia.

Write your name in cuneiform just like an ancient Babylonian!

The Birmingham Museum has an “explore an Egyptian tomb” activity, as well as some great activities to print out!

There is a myriad of websites on ancient Egypt, but this one by the British Museum is one of the best! Each section has a story, explore, and challenge section for interactive fun.

National Geographic offers Unraveling the Mysteries of Tutankhamen .

Egypt computer game

Computer game Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy takes you in the middle of beautiful ancient Egypt as you try to solve the mystery and stop a deadly disease from spreading through all of Helipolis.

The University of Chicago offers several fabulous Egyptian activities. Their interactive “Prepare a mummy for burial” page is not to be missed!

Another great all-around Egypt site is called Eternal Egypt and offers a wealth of pages to explore.

Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb is a downloadable computer game. Use the ancient map to find the tomb and its treasures!

This site offers 16 great interactive activities, including maps and hieroglyphs! One of our personal favorites is exploring the Egyptian numbering system on an interactive calculator.

Watch a slide show and play interactive games on NOVA’s site, Pharaoh’s Obelisk, or explore everything about pyramids at their site Pyramids: The Inside Story. Their Secrets of the Pharaohs is also amazing, and covers many Egyptian topics.

Could you oversee a pyramid under construction? Try it with this game from BBC!

Egypt computer game

Empire Builder-Ancient Egypt is a strategy computer game where you build some of the wonders of the world, as well as protect your people from locust plagues and terrifying mummies!

Another fun activity is to compare the size of the pyramids with the Statue of Liberty and other famous structures (Also at this link, go to their homepage to see the 24-hour PyramidCam!).

Try your hand at making a mummy, interactively, of course!

This site offers “lots of Egyptian stuff“, including links to great videos and a link to interactive senet!

This game is all about fun! Explore The Pharaoh’s Tomb and collect gold without getting caught in traps!

National Geography offers the computer game, Mystery of Cleopatra. Explore the ancient city of Alexandria and Cleopatra’s palace as you solve the mystery.

National Museums of Scotland does not disappoint when it comes to games on Egypt! There are 6 different game choices here. Choose between a game on pyramids, tombs, landscape, dress, hieroglyphs, or temple stores.

Although this site is not interactive, the virtual exhibits are fascinating. Tour the Virtual Egyptian Museum from the comfort of your own home!

Take a virual tour of the palace at Knossos or scroll down this page to see more pictures.

The Birmingham Museum lets you design a Greek pot online, as well as some other great activities to print out!

Australian Broadcasting and the University of Melbourne provide a site with stories and games on Greek mythology!

The Odyssey – Winds of Athena is a computer game that lets you retrace the route of Ulysses in his attempt to return home from the Trojan wars. Play through 10 chapters of Homer’s famous epic.

This site offers 12 interactive games, quizzes, and puzzles on topics such as Greek gods, the Olympics, and the Parthenon.

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization is an amazing, interactive resource for the older child.

The Birmingham Museum has a “dress the Roman soldier” interactive activity, as well as some other great things to print out!

This site from BBC was made with kids in mind, with interactive quizzes and activities. Good ideas for teachers here, too.

Find games, puzzles, and other interactive activities on Rome made especially for the upper elementary school child.

history game, Ancient Rome

Build ancient Rome
, copying the architecture,
and become the Emporor with this computer puzzle game,
Cradle of Rome.

This site for kids explores the eruption of Vesuvius,gives Pliny’s account, and shows pictures of Pompey and Herculaneum.

NOVA offers another super site…this one on the Roman baths.

Explore the Colosseum and the world of the gladiator. Be sure to click on the video tours at the bottom of the page!

Be an investigator in Ancient Rome and solve this murder mystery!

Be a Gladiator in this game.

In this game, called Gladiator: Dressed to Kill, your choice of the armor and weapons for your gladiator determines how successful he is.

Lost Chronicles: Fall of Caesar traces Caesar from the climax of his power to his betrayal and murder. Find out how the events unfolded, and why Brutus participated in his killing.

The Roman Empire in the First Century is an amazing site for the older child, complete with a game called “Emperor of Rome.”

Tour an ancient Roman villa in Germany.

See the Roman influences in Britain as you make your way through Londinium in this game!

In the computer game Romance of Rome, you will join a young explorer, Marcus, as he travels to Rome to track down stolen imperial relics. Travel everywhere from the Coliseum to the Forum!

Collapse of Rome is a computer strategy game similar to “Risk” that was built by a history teacher. Download basic game free, with the full version available for purchase. Educators can download full version free to evaluate for including in their curriculum.

National Museums of Scotland has some great game selections on the Romans. You can explore the land of the Romans, dress a Roman soldier, or work out a message in Latin.

Watch a video to learn the historical background of Hannukah.

Explore the lost tomb of the biblical King Herod with this National Geographic computer game.

Take an interactive tour of the Great Wall of China.

Explore NOVA’s atempt to build an ancient Chinese bridge at this interactive site.

Play interactive games of Chinese tangrams.

The computer game Tradewinds Caravans allows you to travel the dangerous Silk Road. You will build a caravan, trade exotic goods, and engage in real-time battles.

Kids will have a new appreciation for origami when they get to make these paper airplanes using origami techniques!

Try a variety of interactive fun on themes from sumo to ukiyo-e at this Virtual Japanese Culture page.

Most of us will never get the chance to hike to the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, but this photo gallery lets us experience the sights! Or visit the ruins via a virtual tour.

Investigate the Inca with virtual archaeology from the American Museum of Natural History.

Watch this YouTube movie about the raising of Stonehenge.

Professor Noggin Ancient Civilizations Card Game

Take a quiz on ancient history and archeology. Each correct answer adds a piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

Explore Easter Island at this NOVA site.

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