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Make kids’ Renaissance projects centered on AD 1400 – 1700, including making a Tower of London when you need a craft about old England or a sailing quadrant for a project on any of the Explorers. These topics are listed in chronological order at first (somewhat!), and then by content.

Choose from the following Categories for Age of Discovery Crafts:

Renaissance & Reformation

England – the Tudors & more

William Shakespeare



Wars & Conflicts

Scientists & Inventors

India & the Taj Mahal


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Renaissance & Reformation

Make an art project based on a technique of Albrecht Durer.

Download a Free Activity Book on Leonardo Da Vinci from Animated Hero Classics.

Make egg paint and try to copy Renaissance art!

Carol Henderson demonstrates how to combine art & faith in a Stained-Glass Window Craft, compliments of A Book In Time (see video below)! The Template for the Stained Glass Window is Free!

England – the Tudors & more

Make a Buckingham Palace Guard

The tradition of guarding the royals dates back to the early 1500’s. Make a clothespin doll replica of a Buckingham Palace guard when studying British history!

Make the Tower of London

Here’s another great craft for British History. The Tower of London is an integral part of the history of the monarchy, and you can make this version of the Tower out of paper. This is an advanced craft for older students from PaperCraft.

Tudor Collar

This Tudor Collar & Ruff may be a little intricate for a younger student. It’s meant to be worn by a child in an historical drama or play of some kind. But it’s a clever idea, and worth looking at!

Here are some great Tudor masks to color! Selection includes Edward VI, Elizabeth I, Henry VIII (& his wives), Shakespeare, and more!


Build a paper model of the Globe Theatre.

Here are some great Tudor masks to color! Selection includes Shakespeare, as well as Edward VI, Elizabeth I, Henry VIII (& his wives), and more!

Another activity would be to do a Reader’s Theater, acting out a Shakespearean play. This site has some short adaptations for kids, as well as fun lists of Shakespearean insults, compliments, and more!

These Reader’s Theater books are written for 6 characters and all based on one particular Shakespearean play. Kids have fun dressing in costume and acting out a part without having to memorize any lines. Choose from Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, or Othello.

Tell the stories of Shakespeare’s plays with a Mini-Book for each student. These books, intended for the older student, are written in comic-book format, and can be reproduced for more than one student. Narratives are in modern-day English, but the character’s speech is still in Shakespearean verse.


Find out how early explorers found their latitude by making your own Navigators Quadrant. Teach Engineering offers a great pattern with a Quadrant and all instructions on one sheet of paper. Or you could use this version of the Navigator’s Quadrant from the National Maritime Museum.

Make a Spanish Galleon out of a milk carton.

make an explorers ship out of paper

Create your own Explorer’s Ship out of paper with this free download!
Print out the patterns, cut, and put together. You only need scissors, tape, glue, a hole punch, and a straw.

Professor Noggin’s Explorers Card Game


Make a telescope (or spy glass) with a paper towel tube. Make an extending version by sliding a smaller tube inside. Paint it black or gold.

Find a no-sew pirate costume here.

Wars and Conflicts

This paper soldiers site includes figures for ships and galleons, Samurai, Imperials from the Thirty Years War, and much more!

Download a Free Activity Book on Joan of Arc (100 Years War) from Animated Hero Classics.

Scientists & Inventors

Download a Free Activity Book on Galileo from Animated Hero Classics.

India & the Taj Mahal

Older students will enjoy making a model of the Taj Mahal out of paper.

This site has a variety of crafts on India in general, including Rangoli design crafts.


Follow these instructions to make an origami Samurai Helmet. Or print out these instructions to make a Samurai helmet big enough to wear!

Look on the World Cultures Crafts page for more ideas for Japan.

Please e-mail us with any links to add to this collection!

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