Crafts & Projects on the Colosseum, the Roman Horse & Chariot, Ships, & Armor

Ancient Rome activities

The Ancient Rome Activities on this page give great suggestions for kids crafts and projects on the ancient Roman civilization.

Create a miniature Colosseum or a Roman Horse & Chariot. Learn more about Roman ships by making one! Investigate and copy the various pieces of armor that a Roman soldier wore. Or make projects on the Roman toga, mosaics, or weapons.

Find more Ancient History projects on our pages for Archeology & Ancient Civilizations, as well as ideas for Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. All of these categories have a separate page of their own.

World History Activities & Crafts
World History Crafts

Ancient Rome Activities

These 2 simple projects require only printing, cutting, and assembling with either glue or tape. Construct the Colosseum or Constantine’s Arch!

Make a Paper Colosseum

Build a paper model of the Colosseum, compliments of Canon’s Paper Craft.

Jesus was born during the Roman era. This simple paper Nativity Scene prints in color.

Kids Roman Horse &  Chariot Project

This is an awesome Roman horse & chariot for kids to put together. The pattern is pretty self-sufficient, and everything is backed onto cardboard to make your model sturdy. This project is probably best appropriate for an older child because of the detail. (Scroll down a bit for this model.)

This unit on Rome features instructions for making a toga, a vellum journal, mosaics, and weapons!

Roman Ship Model (Candle Discovery Series)
This book is based on the New Testament journeys of Paul in a Roman ship. After reading and learning, punch out the model ship in the back of the book to build your own!

History Pockets: Ancient Rome, Grades 4-6+ by Evan-Moor. UE
The books in the History Pockets series are full of photocopiable crafts and projects that lie flat and are designed to be kept in “pockets” in a binder or folder. We have found these to be a perfect resource for no-fuss, simple crafts. Read our review of the History Pockets series!

Make a Roman Helmet Kids Craft

This Roman Imperial Helmet is so easy to make! Just print and assemble, and then have fun wearing your creation. Project is from FirstPalette.

Dress the Roman Soldier with this paper cut-out craft! Easy & fun for kids!

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