Our Hands-On History Activities for world history are split into 4 major historical time periods, all arranged in chronological order.

In the 4 main time periods, the Ancient World is split even further because there are so many hands-on history activities for that era!

And there are some world history activities for general topics that you can use for any time period and theme, as well as some ideas for some world culture activities. Use these world history activities and crafts to make learning fun for kids. And the best part is that most of these are absolutely FREE!

Oh, and if you need an activity based on American history, those are separate. Click the image below for US History crafts and projects:

US History Project Ideas

Hands-On History Activities: the Ancient World

Ancient World Crafts

Ancient Civilizations

World history activities on General or Overlapping Themes on the Ancient World. Also includes Archeology, Prehistorical or Antediluvian Age, Mesopotamia, China, & Israel.

♦   Ancient Egypt Activities

Since there are so many Ancient Egypt ideas to choose from, these have their own page. The themes are the Double Crown of Egypt, King Tut Death Mask, pyramids, sphinx, mummies, Egyptian dress, the cartouche, and Egyptian jewelry.

♦   Ancient Greece Activities

♦   Ancient Rome Activities

Hands-On History Activities: Middle Ages – Present

Medieval Crafts

♦ Medieval Crafts

World history activities on the Celts, Castles & Cathedrals, Knights, & Medieval Life.

Also, Art & Religion, Robin Hood, the Vikings, the Normans & the Battle of Hastings

The Age of Discovery

World history activities on England, Explorers, India & the Taj Mahal, & Japan.

Also Pirates, Wars, Renaissance & Reformation, William Shakespeare

The Present Era

World history activities on the French Revolution, Napoleon, & Russia.

Also, Charles Lindburgh, & World Wars I & II

Hands-On History Activities: All Eras

World History, General Topics

These can be adapted for any History theme!

They can also apply to any historical era.

Geography Crafts

World Cultures

Topics: Africa, China, India, Israel, Japan

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