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The best US History books for kids & teens are all in one place!  We have an extensive American History reading list of all the best fiction and nonfiction US history books.  We choose books that are based on important people and events in a typical social studies curriculum, and everything is organized chronologically.

These US History books are broken down into 4 time periods of US history.   You can see these time periods on this page.  Within these sections, the books are further broken down and organized chronologically by year.

All of the books have a short review and are linked to one of our affiliates so you can see pictures, further description, & more.

US History Books by Time Period:

American History Books, the 1600s

Books on Early America

Reading recommendations include Native Americans, the Pilgrims, Jamestown, Explorers

American History Books, the 1700s

Books on America - the 1700's

Reading recommendations include Colonial Life, the Revolutionary War, Pioneers, the Frontier

American History Books, the 1800s175

Books on America - the 1800's 

Reading recommendations include Lewis & Clark, slavery, the Civil War, Sitting Bull, the Orphan Trains

American History Books, the 1900s

Books on America - the 1900's

Reading recommendations include Henry Ford, the Titanic, World War I, World War II, the Great Depression

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