Middle Ages Lapbook for Kids

Print & Put Together:

A Ready-to-Go Middle Ages Lapbook

Need a hands-on history project that lets your child be creative, while still actively learning history at the same time? Then a lapbook is your answer!

With our Print & Put Together” eBook, you can download & make a MIDDLE AGES LAPBOOK without the usual hours of planning or preparing. This lapbook really is “Ready To Go” to make life easier for you.

Print the prepared pages, grab a file folder, scissors, a pen/pencil, & glue, and you’re all set. Your child(ren) will read the information needed for each mini-booklet and then put them together, decorating and embellishing as he or she wants. *A color printer is recommended for best results.

Here is the front of the completed lapbook . So professional, and all this without stress! And we could all use a little less stress!!

Print & Put Together — this History Project is Ready-to-Go!

This Middle Ages lapbook has room for 7 unique booklets of different shapes and sizes on medieval times:

imageFirst, your child reads about a knight and his armor, and then creates the Armor Trifold.

imageThen, read more about the feudal system and make a tabbed mini-book, filling in the pages with information about kings, nobles, knights, & peasants. The younger kids have the option to cut out the information and glue it in, while the older kids have lined blanks to fill in themselves.

imageThe Feudal Hierarchy Triangle is a colorful visual of the feudal system to make next.

imageLarge, color pictures illustrate the reading on the medieval manor, followed by that booklet.

imageThen comes the Social Classes Octagon, illustrating the medieval society of “those who fight,” “those who pray,” and “those who work.”

imageLastly comes paragraphs telling what kinds of things people ate and drank in the Middle Ages, with a tabbed column booklet to fill in & put together.

When all is said and done, your child’s lapbook will look something like this. Of course, how they arrange their mini-booklets in this space and how they decorate everything will make it all their own.

* Don’t have a color printer? No problem! The eBook tells you exactly which pages need to be printed in color. Save the eBook to a flash drive (USB drive), take it to your local copy center, and print the color pages there.

Make your next Middle Ages Lapbook the Easy Way!

Carol Henderson, author of history website A Book In Time, brings you a Middle Ages lapbook that is truly ready-to-go. Print and put together this lapbook, reading more about the Middle Ages along the way and following the clear, step-by-step instructions in this 41-page eBook.

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Middle Ages Lapbook

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