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World History Reading List, c. 400-1400

Find good Middle Ages books for kids with this medieval reading list. The best books in both fiction & nonfiction are organized chronologically, with some topical sections as well. Each book has a short review & is linked to one of our affiliates so you can see pictures, further description, & more.

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Choose from the options below to find the Middle Ages Book that best meets your needs. Books are arranged by general topic first, and then chronologically.

Books on General Medieval Topics

Books on Castles, Cathedrals, & Knights

400 – 1200: Books on Saints & Monks

Books set from the 400’s – 600’s
books on Attila the Hun, King Arther & other (semi-) legends, China, Islam, the Saxon invasion of Britain, and Beowulf

Books set from the 700’s – 900’s
books on Charlemagne, Alfed the Great, the Arabian Nights, & Ethelred

800 – 1000: Books on the Vikings

Books set from the 1000’s – 1100’s
books on the Norman Invasion, William the Conqueror, the British Monarchies of King Stephen, King Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionhearted, King John (Lackland) & the Magna Carta

Books based on the 1100’s
books on Robin Hood, Religion & the Crusades, Byzantium, Korea

Books based on the 1200’s
books on Marco Polo, the Silk Road, the Far East, the Scottish Rebellion, William Wallace

Books based on the 1300’s
books on Africa, European Medieval Culture, Chaucer & the Canterbury Tales, the Black Plague, the Reformation

Suggested Reading Levels

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