Make an Ancient Egypt Kids Craft:

A King Tut Death Mask
out of Paper Mache

Kids love to make things from paper mache! And this Death Mask is a project they get excited about. Your supply list is minimal and inexpensive…which is something you the parent/teacher can get excited about!

You will need an empty milk jug and something to cut it with, the paper mache (newspaper strips & glue made from flour), paint, and some time~!! It takes about a week to completely dry so you can paint it.

Note from Carol: I usually want my students to make their history projects to be as authentic as possible. I tell them “this is history class, not art class,” although sometimes that’s hard to remember since we do so many creative things! But with this project, I gave them some creative license with the same paint colors. So some kids made authentic-looking creations, and others not so much. You can see a picture of one student’s designs if you download the eBook.

Double Crown of Egypt

Make a King Tut Hands-On History Project

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The eBook also gives tips for teachers making these in a classroom since keeping track of whose project is whose can be a challenge with paper mache. Especially if you’re like Carol, and cannot keep them in one place. Her classroom is not exclusively hers, so she has to move all projects out when class is over.

Carol Henderson, author of history website A Book In Time, brings you step-by-step instructions for this paper mache project in a 12-page, downloadable eBook.

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Double Crown of Egypt Kids Craft

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