History Books, Modern Age

World History, 1700 – 2000

This section of the History Reading List features the Present Era. The best themes in both fiction & nonfiction are organized chronologically, along with a short book review. For other time periods, please see our main World History Reading List.

Most of our book recommendations are arranged chronologically, but in some areas they are also grouped topically. Each book is linked to one of our affiliates so you can see pictures & further description.

Books Spanning All of the Present Era

Click here for Primary Source documents from the National Archives, from the 1700’s until today.

Choose from the options below to find the book that best meets your needs.
Books are arranged in chronological order, with World Wars I and II on their own page.

Books on 1700 – 1750
themes on famous Musicians, Peter the Great, European culture, John Wesley, Prince Charles

Books on 1750 – 1800
themes on Marie Antoinette, John Newton, the French Revolution

Books on 1800 – 1850
the Industrial Revolution, Victorian England, Zulu kingdom, Japan’s isolationism, Florence Nightingale

Books on 1850 – 1900
themes on building the Statue of Liberty, foundation of Salvation Army, American immigration

Books on 1900 – 1950
themes on Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Anastasia, Hindenburg disaster, Korean War

Books on the World Wars
World War I & World War II

Suggested Reading Levels

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