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Blank Timeline Books can be described as an historical scrapbook for your history studies. Each page has a date range printed on it, running chronologically through the book. Your student pastes figures for historical people, places, or events on the appropriate page that corresponds with what you are studying. Timeline Books give the student a great hands-on perspective of when things happened and how different events happening at the same time may relate to one anothBlank Timeline Booker. They also are a good way to review what you have learned.

For the teacher who needs a blank timeline book for several students and is looking for a cost-effective way to provide that, now you can create an impressive Blank Timeline book out of cardstock and labels for much less than the cost of ready-made editions. Store the pages you create in a binder all its own or in a separate section of the student's current history binder.

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The blank Timeline Book can be put together a few different ways. You can make a complete book for each student that covers all eras, OR you can print just enough for the era you are currently studying. Print the attractive artwork for the front cover and all OR your choice of the 4 major time divisions:

image the Ancient World

image the Middle Ages

image the Age of Discovery

image the Present Era

Filled Timeline BookNow print the lists of headings and dates. Assemble your book(s), and you're done!

When it's time to fill the blank book with your own Timeline Figures, the included Planning Chart with suggestions for Timeline Figures helps you along the way. Find out more about making your own Timeline Figures (economical), or simply buying a set (easy) on our Timelines page on this site.

Please Note: This resource uses BC and AD for dates (not BCE/CE).

See the Table of Contents and Sample Pages for more information.
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Timeline Book


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