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AGE OF DISCOVERY: 1400 - 1699

Allentown Art Museum has an interactive website packed with fun activities called The Renaissance Connection.

history game, Da Vinci
Great Secrets - Da Vinci is a computer game that allows you to explore the world of the famous artist! Travel through his diary, meet famous people, and see his artwork.

Take a look at the beautiful Sistine Chapel in this computer-generated image.

More informational than activity-based, this site on the Tudors & Henry VIII is entertaining and interactive.

PBS has a great section on the wives of Henry VIII with several different interactive activities. Check out their information pages, quizzes, and games!

Play the Elizabethan Syping Game and crack the code!

Explore the Mary Rose, a warship of Henry VIII's, that shipwrecked and was rediscovered in 1971.

Play games, do puzzles, and have fun learning on the Shakespeare for Kids website!

Take a virtual tour of Shakespear's Globe Theatre of today!

Another activity would be to do a Reader's Theater, acting out a Shakespearean play. This site has some short adaptations for kids, as well as fun lists of Shakespearean insults, compliments, and more!

I don't often list a purely informational site here, but this is unique (& does have good pictures). Most don't know that Eyam, England is called the plague village because it voluntarily isolated itself when the plague struck, brought by fleas imported in a tailor's shipment of cloth. This real story seems to mirror the book A Parcel of Patterns.

Did you know that the nursery rhyme and game "Ring Around the Rosy" is all about the Bubonic Plague?! Most nursery rhymes had double meanings in early England. See more by exploring the site!

Play the Great Fire of London game to see what it would have been like to have been there at the time!

The Birmingham Museum let you explore a Victorian painting online, as well as some other great activities to print out!

See if you know your Victorian etiquette with this game!

This game explores the cultural changes for women in the Victorian age.

What about the Gunpowder Plot? Play this game and found out!

Can you make it as a factory owner in the Industrial Revolution? Another related game, Muck and Brass, puts you in charge of a city during this same time. You have to look out for your citizens, while still encouraging the positive impact of factories. Are you up for the challenge?

Take some virtual tours through British history! Tours include Victorian rooms, Windsor Castle, London Bridge, and more.

Sherlock Holmes

The Lost Cases of 221B Baker St. is a computer game set in Victorian England. Help Sherlock solve mysterious cases!



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