American History Crafts for Kids

Our Hands-On History Activities and Crafts for America are arranged chronologically, with a page for US history general topics.

Themes span US History from before the 1600’s until the 1900’s.

Make history crafts and projects on the early native Americans, the Pilgrims, the early settlers, the pioneers, the wars, the Presidents, and more. There’s just so much to choose from!

Use these Hands-On History activities to make history fun for Kids. And the best part is that most of these are absolutely FREE!

World History Crafts

American History Activities: General Topics

All Historical Eras

History activities that can be adapted to any American history topic or theme.

American History Activities by Time Period

America before 1600

Topics: Crafts & Projects on Incas, Aztecs, & Mayans, & Early Explorers

American History Activities

America in the 1600’s

Topics: Crafts & Projects on Native Americans, the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, the Puritans, Jamestown & Pocahontas

America in the 1700’s

Topics: Crafts & Projects on Colonial Life, Founding Fathers & Government, the Revolutionary War

Early American History Activities

America in the 1800’s

Topics: Crafts & Projects on the War of 1812, Slavery & Plantations, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, Frontier Life, Inventors, the Gold Rush, Westward Expansion, Statue of Liberty

America in the 1900’s

Topics: Crafts & Projects on World Wars I & II, American Presidents, U.S. Government, Air & Space

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