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The Age of Discovery Book List is filled with the best books for kids, historical fiction & nonfiction, on topics between the years 1400 & 1700.

The books are listed chronologically, as well as topically. Each of the books is linked to one of our affiliates so you can see pictures, further description, & more.

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Choose from the Headings below to find good books for kids on the Age of Discovery. Books are arranged by major topics first, and then chronologically (scroll down).

Books on General Themes, Explorers, & Pirates

Books on Reformation & Renaissance

Books on 1400 – 1470

themes include Joan of Arc, Prince Henry the Navigator, Gutenberg’s Printing Press, the Wars of the Roses, Queen Isabella of Spain

Books on 1470 – 1550

themes include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Christopher Columbus, the Tudor Kings, Reformation Leaders

Books on 1550 – 1590

themes include Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Drake & the Spanish Armada

Books on the 1590’s

themes include Galileo, William Shakespeare & the Globe Theatre

Books on 1600 – 1650

themes include Don Quixote, Louis XIV of France, the Taj Mahal, Pirates, Velasquez

Books on 1650 – 1700

themes include the Great Plague of London & the Great Fire of London, John Bunyan & the Pilgrim’s Progress, Scottish Protestants, the Huguenots

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