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Hands-On History for General Topics & the Pre-1600's:
Incans, Aztecs, & Mayans, & Explorers

Need a craft to go along with your history theme? Find lots of suggestions here on general American topics, as well as topics set before the 1600's in the U.S. This includes the early civilizations of the Incans, Aztecs, and Mayans, as well as most of the early explorers of the New World. And the best part is that most of our listings are FREE history crafts for kids!

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KIDS CRAFTS: General American History Topics

Click here for nicely detailed coloring pages of all American presidents through George W. Bush. For an updated, current list, click here, but these pictures do not have as much detail.

Activities Spanning the Years
Interactive 3-D Maps: American History: Easy-to-Assemble 3-D Maps That Students Make and Manipulate to Learn Key Facts and Concepts--in a Kinesthetic Way! by Donald M. Silver and Patricia J. Wynne. Scholastic, 2005.
Reproducible activities to illustrate important events.

Celebrate the 4th of July with these patriotic craft ideas from Artists Helping Children.

Professor Noggin's History of the United States Card Game

KIDS CRAFTS: America before the 1600's

Incans, Aztecs, and Mayans
Make a South American rain stick. Although these can now be attributed to various South American countries, they are believed to have originated with the Aztecs in Mexico and made from cactus.

What a great excuse to drink hot chocoloate in school! This was a popular Aztec beverage, although made quite like ours today. See a more authentic recipe here.

These coloring pages on the Ancient Aztecs are phenomenal!

Experience the art of the Inca by making a foil tooling mask.

Woven baskets were a staple for many cultures, and we have 2 great basket ideas to share. First, try weaving with yarn and a yogurt container (pictured at left).

The coil basket does not involve weaving. This coil basket craft is for older students, and Dick Blick Art gives the best and easiest instructions I could find. I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm thinking if you used a plastic cup under the coils as you glue (after you make your bottom base), you could even use this technique for younger kids, too.

Native Americans/American Indians
Our Native American crafts are on this page!


Find a great coloring page of one of Columbus' ships at this link.

History Pockets
History Pockets, Explorers of North America, Grades 4-6
You will love these books (it's a series)!
Lots of photocopiable, informative projects to make.
Most of the finished products will fit in a notebook.

Download the DeSoto Activity Book from the DeSoto National Memorial Park. Some of the activities might be park-specific, but the majority of it is full of fun, well-illustrated, engaging activities for learning the history of DeSoto's exploration and discovery of Florida in 1539.

Hands-On America Vol. 1: Art Activities About Vikings, Explorers, Woodland Indians and Colonial Life by Yvonne Young Merrill, illus. Mary Simpson. Kits Publishing, 2001. E-JH
Projects are based on authentic artifacts!

Download a Free Activity Book on Christopher Columbus from Animated Hero Classics.

Professor Noggin's Explorers Card Game

Make a Spanish Galleon out of a milk carton.


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