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American History Crafts & Projects: the 1700s

Hands-On History for the 1700's: Colonial Life, Founding Fathers & Government, Revolutionary War

Look below to see our long list of crafts ideas to illustrate life in the early American colonies! After that section, keep scrolling and find several good projects for Founding Fathers & American government, and lastly, activities on the Revolutionary War.

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KIDS CRAFTS: America in the 1700's

Colonial Life**
**see AMERICA: 1800's Crafts on Frontier Life for more ideas!

Log cabin crafts range from a more difficult cabin to a very simple.

This Log Cabin is a craft for older elementary students. They must "roll" their own logs, and then assemble!

Try your hand at making colonial candles or Pomander Balls or a Horn Book or a Quill Pen or a Rag Doll with the easy directions at this site. A separate site gives instructions for a Nettie Doll, which is a rag doll constructed in a similar fashion to a cornhusk doll.

Jacob's Ladder & Whirlygig toys are often sold in historical souvenir shops. Make yours with these instructions!

Here's some print-and-cut-out Whirlygig patterns with instructions from The Craft Train (picture at left).

Try your skills at Marbles or the Game of Graces.

See Hands-On America Vol. 1: Art Activities About Vikings, Explorers, Woodland Indians and Colonial Life above.

Make a punched tin Christmas ornament to imitate the early American lanterns or candle sconces.

Make your own quill pen and practice writing with washable ink!

The Dutch used windmills in New Amsterdam (the future New York), and other colonies such as Williamsburg had them, too. Copy this pattern onto cardstock to make one yourself!

This set of paper dolls of Colonial America includes both men and women, making it more appropriate for boys as well!

History Pockets: Colonial America, Grades 4-6+ by Marc Tyler Nobleman. Evan-Moor.
You will love these books (it's a series)! Lots of photocopiable, informative projects to make. Most of the finished products will fit in a notebook.

The USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides") was launched in 1797. This site gives an entire page of projects related to the ship in particular, and sailing in general.

Founding Fathers & Government
Conduct 4 different experiments similar to what the amazing scientist and inventor Ben Franklin did.

Download a Free Activity Book on George Washington or Ben Franklin from Animated Hero Classics.

This simple craft illustrates the first President's Cabinet in a way that a child can understand and remember. FREE from A Book In Time!

Revolutionary War
This paper soldiers site includes ships and soldiers from both American and British regiments (Look under the 18th Century heading.)

Professor Noggin's American Revolution Card Game

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