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American History Crafts & Projects: the 1600s

Hands-On History for the 1600's: Native Americans, the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, Jamestown

This page lists social studies activities for American history themes of the 1600's. Find a large selection of history projects on Native Americans, followed by more on the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, the Puritans, and then Jamestown & Pocahontas.

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KIDS CRAFTS: America in the 1600's

American Indians/Native Americans Crafts
Create a Bead Bracelet or Arm Band. Easy & fun! For design ideas, click "View Full Size Image" on this page or this page.

History Pockets Native Americans (Grades 1-3) by Karen Lowther. Evan-Moor.
You will love these books (it's a series)! Lots of photocopiable, informative projects to make. Most of the finished products will fit in a notebook.

Make a Native American Drum using these design ideas (click "View Full Size Image" for better view of designs). Or go to this Teachers First site for instructions on a cornhusk doll, pinch pot, dream catcher, weaving, and authentic recipes!

This webpage has a whole selection of Native American crafts, from a totem pole to a headdress.

This resource has instructions for a Native American headdress and shirt, as well as recipes for authentic foods. The instructions outline an entire day of activities celebrating Native American heritage.

Try Native American Sand Painting with authentic designs here. Or use your own creativity to make designs with the sand painting techniques with colored sand.

Woven baskets were a staple for many cultures, and we have 2 great basket ideas to share. First, try weaving with yarn and a yogurt container (pictured at left).

The coil basket does not involve weaving. This coil basket craft is for older students, and Dick Blick Art gives the best and easiest instructions I could find. I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm thinking if you used a plastic cup under the coils as you glue (after you make your bottom base), you could even use this technique for younger kids, too.

Professor Noggin First Peoples of North America Card Game

Moccasins can be made out of paper or click here for detailed instructions on making a one-piece moccasin out of leather (or suede fabric).

Native Americans used gourds for baskets, bowls, and decoration. Gourds are typically a seasonal item in grocery stores, farmers markets, or craft stores. Some gourd crafts need parent involvement to pre-drill holes or cut. Here are some great ideas for gourds in order of difficulty:
Paint Gourds (easy)
Gourd Tea Light Candles (not too hard)
Gourd Birdhouses -- pictured (hard)

Creative Kids: Native American Tales & Activities
Teacher Created Resources.


Jamestown & Pocahontas
Download a Free Activity Book on Pocahontas from Animated Hero Classics.

Jamestown craft for kidsMy students made this Jamestown project from Scholastic's Easy Make-&-Learn Projects Colonial America eBook. I just printed out the patterns, and my students had no problem assembling it. The book has some other great similar projects, too!


Pilgrims & Thanksgiving Crafts
Make a Pilgrim hat (men), bonnet (women), or Native American headdress out of paper.

History Pockets: Life in Plymouth Colony, Grades 1-3 by Jill Norris & Sandi Johnson. Evan-Moor.
You will love these books (it's a series)! Lots of photocopiable, informative projects to make. Most of the finished products will fit in a notebook.

Make a  Mayflower from Coffee Cups
Make a Mayflower from disposable coffee cup holders! There are several versions of this. Here are 2 ideas:

Mayflower Craft from Coffee Cup holders Mayflower Craft (pictured at left) from one mom's blog
Mayflower Craft (pictured at right) from Parents Magazine

Make Pilgrim place cards out of juice boxes!

Make Pilgrim hats for boys and others for girls!

My personal favorite crafts at this site are the Pilgrims made out of cups (see image at left), but they also have instructions for easy Pilgrim hats, too.

The paper dolls of an American family in the Pilgrim period are incredible, and they're FREE to download. Also, the paper dolls of a Puritan boy and girl with appropriate clothing listed below (under Puritans) would also be a good activity when studying the Pilgrims. The Puritan dolls were featured in Ladies Home Journal in 1922!

Kids can follow these simple instructions to draw an impressive Mayflower.

The Puritans
Kids can cut out these paper dolls of a Puritan boy and girl with appropriate clothing. These dolls were featured in Ladies Home Journal in 1922!


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