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Kids Books on the Antediluvian Age

Biblical History topics: Creation to Noah’s Flood

What is “Antediluvian”?

This word comes from Bible history and literally means “before the deluge.” Of course, in this context it means the Flood of Noah found in Genesis.

For pre-history books that are more general and would appeal to viewpoints outside the biblical realm, please visit that page. We are diligently searching for additional appealing books to publish there.

For books on pre-Flood and Creation topics, here are a few of the best for you.

Noah’s Ark Books: The Antediluvian Age

The Creation Story (Dorling Kindersley) by Norman Messenger. Dorling Kindersely.

It Couldn’t Just Happen : Fascinating Facts About God’s World by Lawrence O. Richards. UE+
A Source Book for a study on Creation. Colorful, fascinating. Holds interest.

Noah´s Ark by Peter Spier. K-E
Peter Spier´s illustrations are in a class all their own. Fun!

Old Noah’s Elephants: An Israeli Folktale by Warren Ludwig. G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1989. K-E
A whimsical picture book tells of Noah overcoming an “elephant problem” on the ark! Fun!

The True Story of Noah’s Ark by Tom Dooley. Master Books. E-UE+
One of the best, most historically accurate portrayals of the story of Noah’s Ark. Its realistic illustrations on every page provide impact, even for an adult reader.

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