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Read History: Books on Ancient History

These books on ancient history will motivate kids to read history! With the best books on Ancient History on this reading list, kids will love learning. And both fiction & nonfiction are included.

For other time periods, please see our main World History Reading List.

Most of our book recommendations are arranged chronologically, but in the Ancient History section they are also grouped topically (see headings below). Each book is linked to one of our affiliates so you can see pictures & further description.

Reading Lists are arranged chronologically by major civilization.

Read history with books on ancient history from these ancient time periods:

Ancient History Books: Prehistory, Archeology, & the Antediluvian Age

pre-historical eras

Ancient History Books: Ancient Egypt

c. 3500 – 1000 BC

Ancient History Books: Mesopotamia

c. 3500 – 1000 BCincludes selections on Israel, Britain, other cultures

Ancient History Books: Ancient China, Israel, & Other Cultures

1000 – 4 BC

Ancient History Books: Ancient Greece

c. 1000 – 4 BC

Ancient History Books: Ancient Rome

c. 400 BC – 400 AD

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