Ancient Egypt for Kids: Make a Cartouche

Make an Egyptian Cartouche

Watch our video demonstrating how to make an Egyptian cartouche out of clay. Here are the links to the things you will need:

Cartouche Pattern

How to Make an Egyptian Cartouche as a Classroom Craft:

I (Carol) have made these several times with several classes, and the results are fantastic! Here’s how:

Photocopy the sheet of hieroglyph translations from the stamp set (we used Fun with Hieroglyphs), 1 per child, so the kids can figure out their own names.

Before making the clay cartouche, have them stamp their hieroglyphic name on paper cartouche patterns. This way they are less likely to make a mistake when working with the actual clay. It will also help to see ahead of time if a child’s name is longer than most because then their clay creation will have to be lengthened as well.

I sawed small PVC pipe into 8″ pieces so each child had his/her own “rolling pin” for the clay. They will also need a plastic knife to cut out the shape and cut the “feet.”

The Clay will Stain the Table!    To avoid this, either cover the table, or give each child a piece of cardstock to use as a placement.


When I make these, a 1.75 pound box of clay would make about 11 cartouches. I use Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay, 1.75-Pound, Terra Cotta.

Before class, trace the oval shape with a black permanent marker on a 3X5 card for each child to use as a pattern.  After the child rolls their clay on this pattern, the ink will transfer, so they can lift the clay, flip it over, and see a line to easily cut out the shape.

Bring cookie sheets for the kids to put their cartouches on when
they are finished. Then all you need to do is carry a few cookie sheets
to the oven to bake, following the clay instructions on the box. After
they have cooled, spray paint them gold (or whatever color you choose)
before bringing them back to class.

This Egyptian history project is well worth it! They look great,
and the kids are proud of what they have made. And they learn about
Egyptian culture in the process. A win-win combination!

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Fun! Simple! And minimal supplies!

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