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Reading List on Lewis & Clark, Frontier Times, Slavery, Civil War, moreAmerican History Reading List

Books on America in the 1800's

If you are teaching American History, use this Reading List to pick out good historical fiction and nonfiction to go along with your lesson plans. This section includes books set in the 1800's. For other years, please see our main American History Reading List.

The books are arranged chronologically, with topics shown below the dates to make it easier to find selections. Each book is linked to one of our affiliates so you can see pictures & further description.

Books on 1800 – 1810
themes include Tall Tales & Lewis & Clark

Books on 1810 – 1830
themes include the Star-Spangled Banner, the War of 1812, Mountain Men, & Frontier Life

Books on 1830 – 1850
themes include The Alamo & Davy Crockett, Western Expansion, the Industrial Revolution

Books on the 1850's
themes include Harriet Tubman, the California Gold Rush, the Santa Fe Trail

Books on the 1860's: Slavery & the Underground Railroad
themes include Slavery in America & the Underground Railroad

Books on the 1860s: Abraham Lincoln & the Civil War
themes include Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

Books on the 1860's: Not the Civil War
themes include Sitting Bull, Buffalo Bill & the Pony Express, Life on the Frontier

Books on 1870 – 1900
themes include life on the Prairie, the Johnstown Flood, the Orphan Trains, the Statue of Liberty, European Immigration, George Washington Carver, Edison

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