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This era in American history centers on early pioneer life in an untamed land before it was an independent nation. The Courage of Sarah Noble is a fabulous book for younger elementary children to experience the adventure of early American life in the 1700's. The Ransom of Mercy Carter is another high-adventure book, but for the older student (see cautionary notes below).

The 1720's brings us the setting for another treasure in your historical reading library! Amos Fortune, Free Man tells the story of a man who was brought to America as a slave, yet lived his life with such integrity that he had respected reputation in his New England community that lasted long after his death. This amazing tale will pave the way for discussions on slavery in the new nation, as well as opening up conversation about character and honor.


The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh. E-UE
Newbery Honor. A young girl learns to be brave in the wilderness of early America. Recommended.

If You Lived in Colonial Times by Ann McGovern, illus. June Otani. E-UE

The Ransom of Mercy Carter by Caroline B. Cooney. 2001. *JH-HS
Based on the 1704 Indian attack of Deerfield, and the captives' forced march to Canada, which included many children. Well researched and realistically portrayed. *Caution: Not for the sensitive; includes the savagery of the Indians, and the heartbreak/trauma of those captured. (See Calico Captive in 1750s)

Siege!: The Story of St. Augustine in 1702 by Wilma Pitchford Hays.


Queen Anne's War (American Adventure, Book 5) by Joann A. Grote. UE-JH
Christian historical fiction.


Amos Fortune: Free Man by Elizabeth Yates, illus. by Nora S. Unwin. E.P. Dutton, 1950. UE-JH+
Newbery Honor. The true story of a king's son who at 15 is captured from his African home and sent to America as a slave. Amos overcomes his circumstances and prospers throughout his life, not only gaining freedom for himself, but for several others as well.

Smallpox Strikes (The American Adventure #7) by Norma Jean Lutz, Adam Wallenta. UE-JH
Christian historical fiction.


If You Grew Up With George Washington by Ruth Belov Gross, illus. Emily Arnold McCully. Scholastic. E
Describes the childhood that George Washington (and others!) may have experienced in Virginia.

The Printer's Apprentice by Stephen Krensky. UE

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