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A Book In Time first began years ago when I wanted my students to read some good history books along with our textbook, but was unpleasantly surprised at how hard it was to find them. The only history booklists I saw listed every title in existence, and sifting through them to choose one or two of the better ones was a chore. General booklists featured lots of great books, but not just historical ones, so reading through every title and description was another challenge. But I combed these lists, and the search was on!

Carol Henderson, A Book In Time

I made a note of great historically-based books for kids as I found them, and slowly it all began take shape into the history booklist that it is today.

My goal with A Book In Time is to guide you to the best books based on major historical people and events found in a typical school history study. Because I was a homeschooling mom, I had the opportunity to teach almost all grades and almost the entire scope of history, resulting in a comprehensive selection. Since I am still teaching history at a large homeschool Co-op, the search for great new titles continues, and the list is still growing.

With the additional lists of Online History Games, Kids History Crafts, Timelines, and Maps, you can create your own history adventure that your kids will love.

This website is a continual work in progress. Please feel free to email me your comments and suggestions or any great book or internet resource to share with everyone!

All the Best,

Carol Henderson

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