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Now teaching history for kids can be fun! Choose from the following social studies activities to make history both meaningful and exciting! The recommended books, activities, games, and other projects are listed in chronological order.

history reading list History Reading Lists

history projects and crafts Crafts & Projects

interactive history for kidsOnline Games & Activities

ancient mapMaps & Timelines

The best kids books are in chronological order. Choose between either World or American History Reading Lists, & then find your time period. Each title has a suggested grade level and a short book review. Use A Book In Time to find the best books for your students.

Our history projects are separated into World & American History Crafts for kids and listed in chronological order under the World or American headings. Find the perfect history project to go along with your theme. Most of these are free, and we have provided videos to demonstrate several of them!

History games and interactive activities are all over the internet, and we help you find them! Choose between World or American history, and then find your topic in chronological order. Teach history for kids with fun games that they want to play so that they get excited about learning.

Students can color or label specific areas on maps, or create timelines to see the flow of events. These projects help kids visualize the where and when in history. You will find lots of free teaching resources for these activites on these pages!

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Roman History

When Teaching Specific Historical Time Periods:

We have these Resources arranged in Chronological Order so you can find Specific Time Periods : (1) Book Lists , (2) Crafts & Projects, and (3) Online Games & Activities. Be sure to visit all 3 of these lists to find great ideas for teaching your history era!!

red starTo find the Time Period you need, choose between "American History" or "World History" first. Then you can narrow down to the specific year(s) under those main headings.

Teaching Resources for All Time Periods:

TIMELINES - Have your student(s) make a Timeline! We show you lots of sources for blank books, timeline figures, and complete kits. We also offer an ebook to help you make your own blank timeline books easily and economically.

MAPS - Maps help students visualize where in the world events happened. We show you how to find a variety of map resources to fit your teaching style.

READING LOGS - Are you using our booklists to find the best Historical Fiction and other Extracurricular Reading? Print our FREE Reading Logs to record all the books your student(s) reads this year!

TEXTBOOK ALTERNATIVES - If you would like an alternative to a school text, check out our History Textbook list for a variety of suggestions. These are resources that can be used as your primary source (i.e., a textbook) but they are written in a much more entertaining and engaging way.

PERSONALIZED "CURRICULUM" - And, for homeschoolers, find out how to use all these resources as part of your curriculum -- books, maps, timelines, crafts, and internet activities . Learn how to plan a fabulous history year with our Homeschooling History ebook.

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